28 December 2011

Twenty Eleven

I cannot believe that soon I will be dating stuff with the year 2012 attached at the end. WOW! Where has this year gone???

January: The new year started out with a snow day and it was wonderfully low key... food, best friend, an attempt at sledding, and relaxation.

Febuary: Matt and I celebrated our first Valentine's Day together. We went to this incredible Japanese restaurant. It was lovely. Funny story: at the restaurant while Matt and I were eating this little girl was walking around checking out different couples. She walked by our table once, and then on a return trip, she looked Matt in the eye and gave my date the most flirtatious smile any four year old has ever given.

March: Two words - spring break. We drove to Destin with Matt's brother and some friends. We got sun burnt, ate great food and had a blast.

April: We went to the first of six weddings this year (seven if you count our's). One of Matt's childhood friends got married to his high school sweetheart. Also, Matt GRADUATED from MSU with a degree is Civil Engineering. Whoo Hoo!!

May: We got engaged :D

June: I turned twenty, we attended another two weddings, and I took two classes to see if I wanted to major in Special Needs Education. I don't.

July: Crazy busy month. I found my wedding dress, we rented a ski boat for a day with some friends, Matt turned 24, our engagement photos were taken ANNNND I moved back home. It was busy.

August: A good friend of Matt's got married and it was the first wedding I got to photograph.

September: Uhm....I know that's when the wedding invitations went out. I'm not sure what else happened.

October: My aunt from Australia came to visit us for a few days with 3 friends, my Mum's best friend from Australia stayed with us for 3 weeks, and I was given 3 wedding showers. Many other things happened, I'm just not sure what.

November: The relatives from my Dad's side of the family came in and they were incredible. The helped pulled together so many last minuted details for the wedding! Matt and I got married, spend out first Thanksgiving together, and spent our first week of married life on a cruise.

December: We celebrated our fist month of married life and adjusted living together -- actually we are still adjusting. We attended our final wedding for the year, and spent time with both of our families for Christmas.

We are ending the year with a trip to Tennesse; a few days in Nashville and then to Chattanooga with some friends and my family.  I'm so excited for the New Year. God Bless and a Happy New Year, y'all!

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