16 December 2011

the surprise of a guitar

I don't know if it's all dads or just mine, but he's next to impossible to shop for. For years, in fact, probably up until this birthday, he's been given books, coffee mugs, occasionally a new shirt or two. It's never a surprise. And it's a little frustrating because it's his birthday and then nine days latter, I have to give him ANOTHER gift that he knows about and is completely unexciting because it's Christmas! Also, when we go to restaurants, he adventurous and will get something totally random, but for birthday cake/dessert, it's cheesecake. 99.9% of the time. But this year, it was different :D!! I didn't give him a book and he didn't get a coffee mug. He got a guitar (from all of us I guess). Awesome!! And, rather than surprising him with, he surprise all his kids with it! Not that it was for us, but we all were like "WOW! A guitar!!" Way to branch out!!

Happy Birthday, Dad! Love you :)

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