28 December 2011

Twenty Eleven

I cannot believe that soon I will be dating stuff with the year 2012 attached at the end. WOW! Where has this year gone???

January: The new year started out with a snow day and it was wonderfully low key... food, best friend, an attempt at sledding, and relaxation.

Febuary: Matt and I celebrated our first Valentine's Day together. We went to this incredible Japanese restaurant. It was lovely. Funny story: at the restaurant while Matt and I were eating this little girl was walking around checking out different couples. She walked by our table once, and then on a return trip, she looked Matt in the eye and gave my date the most flirtatious smile any four year old has ever given.

March: Two words - spring break. We drove to Destin with Matt's brother and some friends. We got sun burnt, ate great food and had a blast.

April: We went to the first of six weddings this year (seven if you count our's). One of Matt's childhood friends got married to his high school sweetheart. Also, Matt GRADUATED from MSU with a degree is Civil Engineering. Whoo Hoo!!

May: We got engaged :D

June: I turned twenty, we attended another two weddings, and I took two classes to see if I wanted to major in Special Needs Education. I don't.

July: Crazy busy month. I found my wedding dress, we rented a ski boat for a day with some friends, Matt turned 24, our engagement photos were taken ANNNND I moved back home. It was busy.

August: A good friend of Matt's got married and it was the first wedding I got to photograph.

September: Uhm....I know that's when the wedding invitations went out. I'm not sure what else happened.

October: My aunt from Australia came to visit us for a few days with 3 friends, my Mum's best friend from Australia stayed with us for 3 weeks, and I was given 3 wedding showers. Many other things happened, I'm just not sure what.

November: The relatives from my Dad's side of the family came in and they were incredible. The helped pulled together so many last minuted details for the wedding! Matt and I got married, spend out first Thanksgiving together, and spent our first week of married life on a cruise.

December: We celebrated our fist month of married life and adjusted living together -- actually we are still adjusting. We attended our final wedding for the year, and spent time with both of our families for Christmas.

We are ending the year with a trip to Tennesse; a few days in Nashville and then to Chattanooga with some friends and my family.  I'm so excited for the New Year. God Bless and a Happy New Year, y'all!

22 December 2011

one month

Five years ago, if someone had asked me "where do you see yourself in five years?", married probably would have been the last answer I would have given them. Nevertheless, that's what I am. Several times, both Matt and I have been asked "how is married life?" and there seems to be only one answer that is truthful: it's incredible. It's an incredible joy living with my best friend. It's incredibly weird how weird guys are. It's incredible going to sleep at night, knowing my best friend is an arm's length away or less. It's incredibly challenging switching from "me" decisions to "we" decisions. It's incredible to know that this person isn't going anywhere, it's incredibly terrifying being so vulnerable with someone, letting them see your true self. I love being married, it also drives me nuts at times. I used to think that by the time I actually got married, I'd have it all together; I'd be mature, grown up, sophisticated....all that good stuff. But I don't - I'm still the same mess that I was before I got married. That is what is so beautiful, so incredible about being married; I didn't have to get it all together for him to marry - he took me, mess and all. Thank you Lord for a husband who strives to love me as You love your church.

20 December 2011

The Heavens

While driving back from Jackson on Sunday, I couldn't get over how beautiful the clouds were. As Matt and I were unpacking, he said "Nikki, you need to look at the sunset." I raced outside and all I could think was "wow, thank you God for beauty."

"The Heavens declare the Glory of God, the skies above proclaim His handiwork." - Psalm 19:1

19 December 2011

Becoming One : The Day We Said I Do

I cannot believe that as of today Matt and I will have been husband and wife for a month. It seems like just yesterday we were finishing up little details, yet at the same time, it seems we've been married for months. There are certain things I remember very well about the day: Mum waking me up and serving me a latte and eggs for breakfast, being walked down the aisle and my hand being placed into Matt's by my dad.  I remember all the kindness that was shown to us and on that day and months prior.  For the life of me though, I couldn't concentrate on what our pastor was saying during the ceremony, even though everyone said it was excellent. I remember the dance with Matt and Dad,  I remember the awesome catches for the bouquet and garter. I remember the few quiet minutes I had with Mum while she helped me change. I remember leaving for our honeymoon - we had a little bit of car "trouble: :)  The day was amazing.

This is Matt getting ready :)
and this is me getting ready
awesome bridesmaids
the choir sang "Oh Happy Day" as we excited
I LOVE the joy on my parents face!!!
first dance
perhaps one of my favorite photos
best maid of honor ever
Landon really wanted the garter

And that was just the start to the most incredible journey of our lives.

16 December 2011

the surprise of a guitar

I don't know if it's all dads or just mine, but he's next to impossible to shop for. For years, in fact, probably up until this birthday, he's been given books, coffee mugs, occasionally a new shirt or two. It's never a surprise. And it's a little frustrating because it's his birthday and then nine days latter, I have to give him ANOTHER gift that he knows about and is completely unexciting because it's Christmas! Also, when we go to restaurants, he adventurous and will get something totally random, but for birthday cake/dessert, it's cheesecake. 99.9% of the time. But this year, it was different :D!! I didn't give him a book and he didn't get a coffee mug. He got a guitar (from all of us I guess). Awesome!! And, rather than surprising him with, he surprise all his kids with it! Not that it was for us, but we all were like "WOW! A guitar!!" Way to branch out!!

Happy Birthday, Dad! Love you :)

15 December 2011


In a few days, Matt and I will have been married for a month. That's crazy. It seems like the honeymoon was months ago, but it was just yesterday that I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to get everything done for the big day. Life has slowed down considerably, but there are still a million things left to do like getting my named changed on my driver's license, comb bank accounts, finish thank yous,  and get my stuff out of boxes and suitcases and into drawers and closets. Yesterday, I finally moved my stuff into the bathroom and it hit me: I'm LIVING here. To stay. I'm married. I'm living with my husband. This is our home. I don't have to spend the next few months going back and forth, keeping my space separate from him, or anyone else for that matter. He's stuff is mine, mine is his and this place is ours.

08 December 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. I love the food, I love having people around, I love the atmosphere and the memories that come with. This Thanksgiving was particularly memorable for a number of different reasons.

1. I'm married.
2. first holiday as a married woman
3. not with my family
4. on a cruise with my husband
5. the food

The pre-appetizer was bread and butter - you really can't go wrong with that
Caesar salad was the actual appetizer
The main course was filet mignon - I'm not sure if it was really filet mignon because it tasted just like any other piece of beef
and the fruit was my "pre" dessert
the best part of every dinner on the cruise: chocolate melting cake. I ate the gooey goodness 5 nights in a row...
and washed it down with a cappuccino

07 December 2011

Leggings For Pants

Lately, there seems to be a lot of status on Facebook saying "girls, since when did leggings qualify as pants??" or something along those words. Personally, I agree with them. For me, there is no way the a skin sucking pair of cloth is more comfortable than a baggy sweats, and I think most would agree with me. However, I believe the reason most women wear leggings isn't comfort but sex appeal. Every curve is exposed, every movement brought into view - just like all fashion trends of today. Women are fed the lie that if they dress sexy, they are empowering themselves. The reality is they aren't empowered at all, but rather are trading in dignity for disrespect. Guys don't look at scantily clad girl and go wow, she deserves respect. If they are a believer, they may be feel sad for her, and if they're not, they're more than likely wondering what it'll take to "tap that."

My challenge is to pray for the girls who are using they body as tool, rather than as a temple. I struggle with this greatly. I judge the girl who is provocatively dressed in church and roll my eyes in disgust to the one who is jogging on the street. I feel livid seeing the string bikinis for two year-olds and wonder what on earth the bride was thinking when her dress shows more of her body than it covers. It's heartbreaking and infuriating. How is that so many women freely hand over their dignity for the sake of fashion and beauty?

While I question, I also have to fight like crazy. I want to feel powerful because if I feel powerful it means I'm beautiful which means I'm desired and if I'm desired, I'm of worth. It's a battle that every woman has to fight, whether she knows she's fighting or not. Thank the Lord my parents were willing to fight tooth and nail with me to show me what beauty means.

Ladies, you are so much more than your body and men, love them beyond touch. Fight for true beauty. I promise it's worth it.

05 December 2011


The final place Matt and I stopped was Cozumel, Mexico. We spent the day just walking around and shopping.

clear + beautiful
Delightful Snack
I owned Matt at Slug Bug. Final score: 52 - 2
Matt's Dream Jeep

A common way of transportation
Right before we got back on the ship

02 December 2011

Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands were without a doubt both mine and Matt's favorite. Besides from being breathtakingly beautiful, the food was magnificent and the atmosphere was so chill. I'm thinking for our ten year anniversary, Matt and I will be returning there :)

The beach that we spent most of the day at
This was the best meal we had on the whole trip. Matt got the Jerk Chicken
And I got the Mahi Mahi sandwich. Absolutely Scrumptious!
One of my favorite photos from the whole trip :)
Happy Friday!! :)

01 December 2011


Matt and I went on a cruise for our honeymoon and it was incredible. No cell phone service, no Internet service, no one else to contact, no last minute plans to make. It was lovely. We spent two days sun baking aboard the ship, then we docked in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

The beach we hung out at

Ingredients for drinks
Another beach view
You can't go to Jamaica and not bargain
And the flowers.....ah I loved them!
 The Sunset over the harbor as we left.