22 December 2011

one month

Five years ago, if someone had asked me "where do you see yourself in five years?", married probably would have been the last answer I would have given them. Nevertheless, that's what I am. Several times, both Matt and I have been asked "how is married life?" and there seems to be only one answer that is truthful: it's incredible. It's an incredible joy living with my best friend. It's incredibly weird how weird guys are. It's incredible going to sleep at night, knowing my best friend is an arm's length away or less. It's incredibly challenging switching from "me" decisions to "we" decisions. It's incredible to know that this person isn't going anywhere, it's incredibly terrifying being so vulnerable with someone, letting them see your true self. I love being married, it also drives me nuts at times. I used to think that by the time I actually got married, I'd have it all together; I'd be mature, grown up, sophisticated....all that good stuff. But I don't - I'm still the same mess that I was before I got married. That is what is so beautiful, so incredible about being married; I didn't have to get it all together for him to marry - he took me, mess and all. Thank you Lord for a husband who strives to love me as You love your church.

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