19 March 2012

about the flowers

 I love that they are taped together because according to him, they weren't able to be arranged very well. They just kept flopping over. I love that they are in a Newk's cup. It somehow makes them more practical. And what I love most is that they are from him.

I love you Matt. Happy 4 Months :)

14 March 2012

birmingham, al

It was the perfect getaway. We ate good food, hung out with friends, shopped, and slept late. I read while he climbed. I even got my rings cleaned. But most of all, we relaxed. No laptops, no assignments, no flash cards to memorize. I was inspired and he was rejuvenated. And it was lovely.

Thank you Lord for spring breaks!

02 March 2012

the week before

It's the week before spring break and I think it's safe to say all are utterly worn out. Simple tasks have become complicated, creative juices have stopped flowing, exhaustion has taken over and pushing through is all anyone is thinking about. That's the case, for me anyways. However, it's times like this that grace can be most appreciated, especially in the little things. I was driving home from the grocery store and on a non christian radio station the DJ asked what makes today a good day. A caller answered "God. He makes all days good, and gives us grace when they aren't." Amen.