10 November 2012

so glad you're hear

So, so you think you can tellHeaven from HellBlue skies from painCan you tell a green fieldFrom a cold steel rail?A smile from a veil?Do you think you can tell?
Did they get you to tradeYour heroes for ghosts?Hot ashes for trees?Hot air for a cool breeze?Cold comfort for changeAnd did you exchange?A walk on part in a warFor a lead role in a cage?
How I wish, how I wish you were hereWe're just two lost soulsSwimming in a fish bowlYear after yearRunning over the same old groundWhat have we found?The same old fearsWish you were here

of all the songs you play, this is my favorite. i'm not sure why, but it is. so thank you for playing it for me, and thank you for being here. 

08 November 2012

this week

this week has been a slow week and it has been mostly lovely. the only bad because i've been totally slacking in the homework department. stupid homework. since it's blissfully cold outside (for mississippi, mind you) my dreams have been filled with sleepy mornings, mugs filled with strong lattes and rejuvenating walks. there are just over four weeks with a holiday in between; that's all that's left of this semester. thank goodness, we'll make it.
and on a totally random note, if i were twig, i'd be a twirly one. 

05 November 2012

the weekend

he played poker on friday night. i stayed home and watched tv. tiredness was the reason for that decision. my parents came up for the game and it was so lovely to have them to ourselves. and yesterday, oh yesterday; we cleaned, we laughed, we cuddled, we walked and had a simply delightful time just being together.
flowers from him taken while trying out a new lens

01 November 2012

last saturday night

november. it's november twenty twelve. and before we know it, the last numbers in a date will be twenty thirteen. wow oh wow oh wow oh wow. that being said, i thought i'd start of this month with some of the last images from last month. if you read the previous post, you know that last weekend was kinda crazy, in a awesome yet exhausting way. i'm still recovering but i thought i'd share some images from the final party on saturday night.

30 October 2012

the last five days

on thursday, i went out for drinks with susan burnstine. she reviewed my portfolio.
on friday, i sat through many wonderful lectures, took notes, and was blown away.
on saturday, i sat through more lectures, took some photographs, went to dinner with kelli connell and susan burnstine, and then went to jazz party.
on sunday, i had my portfolio reviewed again by dorinth doherty, birney imes, and vaughn wascovich.
it was terrifying, humbling, encouraging. no wonder my head is spinning.

28 October 2012

23 October 2012

i think i need more coffee

right now, as i'm sitting at work, trying not to fall asleep, and i'm thinking of that little coffee shop across the bridge. i'm thinking about how nice it would be to be there now, sipping a latte, nibbling on desserts, lost in a book.....

i think i need some more coffee.