21 February 2012

poison and wine

a beautiful song beautifully sung

17 February 2012

Main Street with Megan

Meet Megan. We met in architect school, dropped out and went into Graphic Design. That kind of process makes one bond, ya know. Anyways, she's now an education major with concentrations in biology and art. Smart. Artistic. Gorgeous. Fabulous.

she thought that she didn't know what to do in front of the camera....
clearly she does
work it girl.... :)

I'll end with this one.... it's one of my favorite :) Thank you so much for letting me photograph you! I so enjoyed it and greatly appreciate your patience with me.

Happy Friday!

16 February 2012

Sweet Simplicity

We kept it simple. Simple dinner. Quite. Just me and him. No busy crowds. No waiting to be seated. We got our tried and true dessert: a m&m blast and a strawberry sundaee. And it was lovely.

14 February 2012

19 things

1. Today is my grandfather's 97 birthday.
2. In 5 days, Matt and I will have been married for 3 months.
3. Yesterday I ordered a skinny mocha from Starbucks and it was delish.
4. I am officially a photo major at State.
5. This is good news because it means that I don't have to drop out.
6. Seriously.
7. I didn't watch the Grammy's.
8. I love that Adele kicked butt!
9. I really haven't seen any good movies lately.
10. Any recommendations?

11. Matt put a subwoofer in his truck.
12. It sounds pretty cool :)
13. I am so looking forward to Spring Break.
14. We don't have any definite plans.
15. I just don't want to have to go to class.
16. We eat lots of frozen pizzas for dinner.
17. Digiorno of course.
18. There really isn't anything too exciting going on in life right now.
19. But it's still good :)

12 February 2012

flea market fanatic

This past Friday, my Mum and I went to some flea markets and while I didn't by anything, there were plenty of things I wouldn't have mind purchasing. Fortunately, for Matt's sake at least, I didn't buy anything but there were plenty of things I may come back for....hopefully :)

I'd love a collection of bottles like this

fabulous comic collection

I showed Matt this picture and told him that I wanted to buy them. His response: I'm so glad you didn't.

07 February 2012

Zac Brown Band Concert

A few days I was looking through some old photos and I found some of the Zac Brown Band concert when we were in Nashville. Granted, I'm about a month late in posting these but better late than never!

Happy Tuesday!!

05 February 2012

The Coffee Gun

Sometimes I feel like even though Matt and I get along well, we have very little in common. He's way more athletic than I ever dream of being, and while we both enjoy the outdoors, I really enjoy the walks with a camera in hand, a good book with a blanket on the lake, or laying out by the pool with a cold lemonade in hand. He likes rock climbing, hard core rock climbing. However, we both like to shoot things; me with a camera and lens, him with a gun. A few days ago he bought a new one and after researching tons of them, he found the perfect one for me: a gun that GRINDS COFFEE.  Its real name is the Agar Gun and it was used during the Civil War.... pretty cool!

courtesy of Google Images

01 February 2012

19 things

1. I really can't believe it's February.
2. This is the second week I've worked out.
3. The working out is going well.
4. What is not going good is my Poptart craving. Specifically blueberry Poptarts.
5. My husband has started eating salads for breakfast.
6. I think that is weird.

7. My "new" favorite preacher to listen to is Mark Driscoll.
8. He deals with real life issues in real life ways. He's awesome.

 9. I met with a bride a few weeks ago about photographing her wedding.
10. I'm REALLY excited.
11.If you know anyone who wants to be photographed, please let me know!
12. I love photographing people.
13. And I'm sure Matt would greatly appreciate me not using him. Constantly.

14. I'm pretty addicted to Pinterest.
15. I'm also addicted to The Big Bang Theory.
16. The fifth season needs to hurry up and come out.
17. I don't really care about the Super Bowl.
18. It's been a while since I have.
19. The beach is calling name.