10 November 2012

so glad you're hear

So, so you think you can tellHeaven from HellBlue skies from painCan you tell a green fieldFrom a cold steel rail?A smile from a veil?Do you think you can tell?
Did they get you to tradeYour heroes for ghosts?Hot ashes for trees?Hot air for a cool breeze?Cold comfort for changeAnd did you exchange?A walk on part in a warFor a lead role in a cage?
How I wish, how I wish you were hereWe're just two lost soulsSwimming in a fish bowlYear after yearRunning over the same old groundWhat have we found?The same old fearsWish you were here

of all the songs you play, this is my favorite. i'm not sure why, but it is. so thank you for playing it for me, and thank you for being here. 

08 November 2012

this week

this week has been a slow week and it has been mostly lovely. the only bad because i've been totally slacking in the homework department. stupid homework. since it's blissfully cold outside (for mississippi, mind you) my dreams have been filled with sleepy mornings, mugs filled with strong lattes and rejuvenating walks. there are just over four weeks with a holiday in between; that's all that's left of this semester. thank goodness, we'll make it.
and on a totally random note, if i were twig, i'd be a twirly one. 

05 November 2012

the weekend

he played poker on friday night. i stayed home and watched tv. tiredness was the reason for that decision. my parents came up for the game and it was so lovely to have them to ourselves. and yesterday, oh yesterday; we cleaned, we laughed, we cuddled, we walked and had a simply delightful time just being together.
flowers from him taken while trying out a new lens

01 November 2012

last saturday night

november. it's november twenty twelve. and before we know it, the last numbers in a date will be twenty thirteen. wow oh wow oh wow oh wow. that being said, i thought i'd start of this month with some of the last images from last month. if you read the previous post, you know that last weekend was kinda crazy, in a awesome yet exhausting way. i'm still recovering but i thought i'd share some images from the final party on saturday night.

30 October 2012

the last five days

on thursday, i went out for drinks with susan burnstine. she reviewed my portfolio.
on friday, i sat through many wonderful lectures, took notes, and was blown away.
on saturday, i sat through more lectures, took some photographs, went to dinner with kelli connell and susan burnstine, and then went to jazz party.
on sunday, i had my portfolio reviewed again by dorinth doherty, birney imes, and vaughn wascovich.
it was terrifying, humbling, encouraging. no wonder my head is spinning.

28 October 2012

23 October 2012

i think i need more coffee

right now, as i'm sitting at work, trying not to fall asleep, and i'm thinking of that little coffee shop across the bridge. i'm thinking about how nice it would be to be there now, sipping a latte, nibbling on desserts, lost in a book.....

i think i need some more coffee. 

21 October 2012

so many thanks

i found this email in my inbox today. 

Trying. Trying is worth everything... you have won half the battle! You are winning by even stepping forward with your dreams, look I'm not sure anyone orchestrates our lives but US. Everything you have done up to this point YOU have done. Don't give up on your dreams and don't feel defeated. Think of all the people who NEVER tried and live everyday with regret. You are far more accomplished than so many, and you should be proud of your work. Pinterest can be your pal... pin your work...HELL I'll pin your work... you never know where it will go. The right eyes is all you need!

thank you all so much for those of you who read this blog, look at my photos on facebook....you guys are amazing and i can't thank you enough. 

19 October 2012

even if i don't....

according to darwin, only the fittest survive, those who adapt, those learn how to work their circumstances for them rather than have their circumstances work against them. if that is true, which i believe it is, (to an extent at least), change is mandatory, completely and utterly necessary for survival. this means that plans change.

i look at what my plans were my senior year of high school:
get a freakin' awesome scholarship to get out of mississippi
obtain a money maker degree
marry a hunk

thus far:
i've married a hunk (cha ching :))
moved deeper into mississippi culture
well into a money pit degree that does have the potential to someday possibly be a money maker...maybe
and done very little traveling.

clearly, my life is panning out the way i thought it would. not!!! i look back, laugh, and wonder what the heck happened, and what on earth God is doing. but as i look back, i can't help but look forward and wonder. will i be able to use my degree, or will it be wasted? why am i even getting it? will matt and i be in starkville for the rest of our lives? the questions go on. and on. and on. the question front and foremost though is if i don't make it as a photographer, will i be a failure. what if i never sell my work, make money with it? will all those hours in studios and dollars in equipment and classes pay off? will it be worth it, even if i don't make it. will it be ok, will i be ok, if the plans change again, or rather if God orchestrates my life in such a way so that things don't work out according to plan. will i still believe that He is working all things good? ah, now that my friends, is the real question.

10 October 2012

on the bridge

it was clear that he was tired, despite his purpose filled strides. he paused only for a moment, like so many other to gaze at the scenery around him. his dog, grateful for the break, waited, willing to follow his master to wherever he may lead.  

farther down, a couple sat tenderly next to each other. peaceful, still, and looking out over the water and watching the queen sparkle with in all her glory. 

close by sat a young man, so lost in his reading that he didn't seem to the environment; his faithful companion guarding their belongings.

and along, there was the man by my side. patiently waiting.

i must thank my hubby again for his patience with me as. i was telling a friend of mine about our walk and she said you're kinda the dog out of up. you'll be talking, walking along and then photo! picture! quick! 

09 October 2012

fall break

originally, we had planned to spend my fall break in memphis. i'd been wanting to go there for a while, just for the sake of exploring the city. however, when my photo professor assigned a landscape project, memphis did not seem like the ideal place to go. so, after a few (or several) scattered moments, we packed our bags and were on our way to chattanooga. a huge thanks to our awesome friends the browns. i don't know of many people who are ok with people crashing at their home with less than 24 hours notice and who are also happy to be tour guides. you guys are the best.

 {1. stunning fall leaves; 2 - 4 the blue hole; 5 - 6 the cumberland trail; 
7 - 8 the little brown church; 9 -11 products of hodgepodge}

04 October 2012


we're off to escape for a few days.
just me and him.

and all i can say
is praise the Lord for breaks.

30 September 2012


part of the reason for this photo shoot is because she turned 16 last thursday.
part of the reason is because i needed some subject matter.
but, whatever the reason, i enjoyed. thank you ems for letting me shoot you, for trying to understand my ridiculous directions/instructions, and for just being a pretty freakin' awesome lil sis in general. 

 interesting side note: even my mom has admitted that i look the youngest. not sure how i feel about that.
 interesting side note # 2: my bridesmaids almost hated me for making them wear these shoes throughout the ceremony. but, ladies, you must agree; you looked fabulous!! :D
 and ems, even as a "nerd" you're still pretty cute.
 and here is the gospel singer.

and my favorite. ooo laa lah! 

love you emmy! hope you enjoy them :)

27 September 2012


she turns sixteen today.
and i can't wait to celebrate this weekend :)