27 January 2012

coffee and brain fogs

i awake in the morning, brain in a fog
the familiar puffed foam feeling fills my head
i stumble past my unsympathetic dog; whose sad eyes 
suggest i should return to bed.
used grounds are dropped into overflowing trash;
a clean filter fumbled into the basket that is filled with 
from my Sumatran stash. 
the aroma lifts the lid on my mind's casket
soon, the gurgling sound pricks my ears.
anticipation chases through my sluggish veins
trembling and blinking back delighted tears.
my haste's betrayed by several dark brown stains
i can now face my day taking 
on anything that may come my way


Happy Friday!

24 January 2012

Happy Birthday, Mum!

My Mum. She met my dad, got married and flew half way around the world (literally) in 8 months.  25 years later, she's even more amazing. She practically did all the work for my wedding, and is more than willing to do whatever she can to help others. She also needs to be busy and have people around. Perhaps that's why she had four kids.

And, while she has many ideas, she also is a creature of habit somewhat. By this I mean that for as many birthdays as I can remember, the menu has consisted of Chinese food with carrot cake for dessert.
She loves tulips :) 
Her date of birth is January 22 but we celebrated it on Saturday evening while Matt and I were in Jackson. And, this post is a few days late I guess but birthday celebrations should be spread out for at least a week, if not the entire month.

Happy Birthday, Mum!! Love you!

22 January 2012

oh so much

It was one of those weeks. Not a bad one, just the kind where the mornings came too quickly, yet the days seemed to drag on and one. By the evening, the tiredness became unignorable (<--- made up word) yet the brain wasn't finished processing thoughts. Thankfully though, Thursday is my Friday. It's the day I push to get to and then through. However, at the end of my evening class, I was tired and irritable, hungry and frustrated, and warming up leftovers seemed like a task.... a long, hard task.

I walked in the apartment and there was my man, bent over the stove. The table was set, the lights were dimmed and candles were lit.

Thanks a million babe. I love you, oh so much.

17 January 2012

subject and subjectivity

Why anyone would choose to be an artist is beyond me. Your work is constantly under attach, not because the work you did was wrong, but because it wasn't right to the critic. I am an art major, I am preparing for review, and I can't help but wonder why. Why am I am doing this? What on earth is possibly motivating me to become an artist?

I need 10 photos. Black and white. Photos that show potential, photos that show an understanding of light, composition, intriguing subject matter, space, depth, focused. Beauty. All of a sudden, any photo I sort of liked becomes totally inadequate. Inadequate in to a critical viewer at least. But, to me, the photo is beautiful, full of character and honesty. It brings about a smile, a fond memory. And then I remember why: because I love the memories captured on a print.

Australia, June 2006

13 January 2012

Hellllo Twenty Twelve

New Year's. I realize that I am two weeks late but better late than never! We spent some time in Nashville, had a great day at the zoo, went to the game, and enjoyed a Zac Brown Band concert. Our stay in Chattanooga was brief, but lovely none the less. I love Chattanooga - the mountains, the artistic city, beautiful scenery, and the fact that we have great friends there doesn't hurt either :) Once again, I must thank my husband for being patient with me while taking photos. I definitely owe him :)
the view while walking across the bridge
i have no idea what building this is, so we'll just call it the pretty one.
we went out for dessert for New Year's to this really....shall we say eclectic restaurant. in all honesty, the food was pretty boring, but it was great none the less.
and how we welcomed 2012: champagne and sparklers
Happy Friday!!