23 September 2012

i could have danced all night

i could have danced all night 
i could have danced all night 
and still have begged for more
i could have spread my wings
and done a thousand things i've never done before
i'll never know what made it so exciting
why all at once my heart took flight
i only know when he began to dance with me
i could have danced danced danced all night

there are moments when i love being a girl and friday night was one fo those nights. my friend lovely friend riley came over and we did our hair, make-up, and giggled as only girlfriends can do. it was so delightful. however, one of the most incredible parts of the evening was the salsa dancing, and my masculine, competitive, all boy husband enjoying it, even agreeing to take lessons with me so that next year we can rock it. 

i'm sure if my professor saw these photos she'd kick me out of the program. 
i don't really care though, i still love them.

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