14 September 2012

confessions of an art major

that would be the name of my blog if i could rename it, the reason being that i feel like i do some appalling things that no true art major would do. for instance, last week the art department drove to  to hattiesburg to go hear christo give a talk, making a quick stop in laurel to see the lauren rogers museum of art. as i walked around the first floor of the museum and was supposed to be admiring paintings from the eighteen and nineteen hundreds all i was really thinking was wow, these are so boring. i did feel a little bit better after seeing the drawings by christo and loving them but guys, old art is just not my thing. anyways, after about an hour there we hopped back on the bus and arrived at hattiesburg. a few things about christo: he is the ultimate cool dude. seriously. he's got a white halo of hair surrounding the bald spot on his head and it's awesome. only a brilliant, french, 70+ artist could pull it off. it's also the perfect hair style for his military styled jacket with jeans and white shirt look. the other thing to know about christo is that he is french, very french, as in still speaks in a verystrongdifficulttounderstandfrenchaccent. so, as i was reclined in the comfortable auditorium chair in a dark room, i suddenly found myself being woken up by the sound of a vigorous applause. i'd fallen asleep through the lecture. i am a terrible art major. and the best part it was that the head of the department who just so happens to be one of my professors, was sitting behind me.  i did stay awake for the q+a though. and seriously, if you ever get to hear him speak or see some of his work, do it. he really is a fantastic, intensely energetic speaker. just make sure you are sipping caffeine and well rested before hand; he accent is awesome, yet difficult at times. but definitely go. it's well worth it.

this is from a piece he's working on now. image from here
art by nature is illogical, irrational. - christo

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