30 September 2012


part of the reason for this photo shoot is because she turned 16 last thursday.
part of the reason is because i needed some subject matter.
but, whatever the reason, i enjoyed. thank you ems for letting me shoot you, for trying to understand my ridiculous directions/instructions, and for just being a pretty freakin' awesome lil sis in general. 

 interesting side note: even my mom has admitted that i look the youngest. not sure how i feel about that.
 interesting side note # 2: my bridesmaids almost hated me for making them wear these shoes throughout the ceremony. but, ladies, you must agree; you looked fabulous!! :D
 and ems, even as a "nerd" you're still pretty cute.
 and here is the gospel singer.

and my favorite. ooo laa lah! 

love you emmy! hope you enjoy them :)

1 comment:

  1. Pretty sister! Especially like the last one, so glamorous!