18 September 2012

confessions of an art major 1.2

i was so mad i cried. which isn't very surprising for those of you that know me. the question that i hadn't allowed myself to ask, to think about, to dwell, the question i shoved to the very bottom, burst, erupted, exploded from my mouth. WHY OH WHY OH WHY OH WHY AM I GETTING STUPID THIS DEGREE?????? i don't like it. the classes i take really aren't going to help me. it's way too time consuming. there seems to be about a one in a millon chance i'll be hired in my field of training. my taste and my teacher's taste are about as opposite as they can be, it's costing too much, it hardly seems like a wise investment, blahblahblah, blahblah, blahblah.....

he responded: because i want you to.

i responded with silence.

i went to study and as i cleared off my desk, i stumbled across this image. i first saw the photograph either my sophomore or junior year of high school and i'd don't think there's been one more inspirational to me. i dream of taking photos as powerful as this one. and now, a day later (because it can take me that long to finish a post) i've realized why i'm getting this degree, maybe even why i want to. it's because i want to inspire someone with my work. but even more than that, i want to help someone with my work. how that is going to happen, i have no idea. i just hope and pray and believe it is going to happen.

image by Jerome Delay, found here

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