29 June 2011

A Shopping Excursion: The Butterfly and the Bee

We'd planned on going couch shopping for a while. Matt had scouted out a few stores and after consulting with his parents we decided on going to wholesale furniture store in Woodland, MS. I expected it to be some little, dingy place with some bad smelling pieces of furniture. I was quite wrong :)

The store consisted of four or five separate building and while it wasn't air conditioned, the furniture was absolutely beautiful. My excitement grew exponentially (I used that word just for you, Matt) and I started bouncing around going "Oh! Look at the one! Ooo! I like that one!!" Then, I saw it, the perfect couch, the sectional we wanted, the color we wanted, the price we REALLY wanted. Just to be sure that was the best one, we opted to look around the rest of the store. That's when he said "Nikki, you're stressing me out. I have a method to shopping: walk up one row, then down the next. The bouncing is not organized and overwhelming." What?? Why on earth would you waste time going up. and. down. every. single. row??? BORING!!  "Nikki....." "Ok, ok. Matt, just hold my hand :)"

We got the sectional we wanted with the help of his brother, Matt got it through the door and into the apartment. I love that Matt is methodical, logical, an engineer. It helps balance out my ohmygoshilovethat!!wecandothisandthenaddthatandthatwillmakethisandthis..... However, I will say, at times, he's just too much like an engineer...Bless his heart ;)

And yes, I know that its a picture of wasp but, it's the only photo I've ever taken of a bee like thing....

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