29 June 2011

The Beginning

Sunday,  August 29, 2010. The sky was overcast and then air was thick, not ideal for a pool party, nor uncommon for Mississippi weather. I remember that because I almost didn't go, I almost said the weather is too nasty and I've got things I could do here. I noticed him pretty quickly, he wasn't one of the normal Phase 2 people. I immediately felt self conscious, wishing that my skin was a darker shade, I'd bothered to put makeup on and made some attempt to control/contain my hair.  Nikki. WHAT are you thinking? The guy isn't gonna notice you AND you're not here to get one to notice you.... 

Throughout the party, I made sure to steer clear of him. But, then the clouds finally broke and all of a sudden there were about thirty people in a garage, eating tacos, hoping that storm would blow over within a few minutes.

I think he initiated the conversation but for the life of me I can't remember how it started. I know I asked him what his major was and he volunteered that he loved music and played that guitar and drums. He would have gone into music ministry but went with engineering so he could someday support a family. I'm not gonna lie, I was impressed, but I also remember thinking this guy is a christian (or so he says), he's handsome, smart, athletic, musically talented, not socially awkward, and single.....there must be something majorly wrong with him...moving right along.... The party ended and I went home and pretty much forgot about him.

And that was the end of it, or so I thought....

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  1. Praise God that this was not the end of our relationship!!! I love you darling!