01 May 2011

Moving Forward

It was a year and two days ago today I that I broke up with him. It's the only breakup I've ever been through but I think it constitutes as a bad one. But, how a could there have been a good breakup when it was such a terrible relationship?

Four days ago, I celebrated the 6 month mark with my best friend. I told him from the get-go that it'll be hard, that I was wounded in a big way and that this relationship was going to be a lot of work.  In a way it seems like we've been dating so much longer than that, and at the same time, it seems like no time at all. We laugh together, often. He occasionally lets me drive his truck (whom he lovingly named "Sugar"). He knows how to get on my last never, even more quickly than my siblings can. I still won't drink sweet tea, and he still doesn't like coffee.  He is the opposite of me in the sense that he's practical....very practical...as in he doesn't like the Eiffel Tower because it doesn't serve a purpose. I'm like IT'S PRETTY!! WHAT ELSE DOES IT NEED TO BE?!?!?!

We're learning how to talk to each other, how to communicate in a way the other understands. I'm coming to find that what learning how to communicate is really learning how to listen.

I never thought I'd get through the breakup. I never thought I'd trust a guy again. Truth be told, I'm not having to learn how to trust a guy, I'm learning how to trust a Man.

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