23 May 2011

The 21st of May

I'm not sure what the wonderful part was; well, other than when he asked me to marry him. :) It might have been when we pulled up, and I saw the beautiful set up and realized what was happening. It might have been when he told me that he chosen the place to eat because that is where he asked for my number and he had another important question to ask me. It might have been been when we went to see his parents who had set everything up out at the refugee and his dad hugged me and exclaimed "I have a daughter!" It might have been when I called my mum and I couldn't say much because I was speechless but she could hear my smile and joy through the phone. It also might have been when I found out the story about the ring, or when I was told that if Matthew didn't propose to me soon, his mom would.

What I saw when we pulled up to the Refugee - Set up by Matthew's parents

The letter he read to me and the ring...photos will never do it justice

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