11 July 2012

what the reality is

the bottom line was, i wanted to be super{wo}man. i wanted to be a healthy homemadefromscratch meals, a clean house, thriving business, time with family, keep in touch with friends, involved in church, in good shape, perfectly put together kind of woman.

but the reality is:
i still think of myself as a teenage girl
even though i can legally drink
our apartment is kinda messy
i love store bought spaghetti sauce
and frozen pizza
i'm thrilled when all the laundry is finally put away
i talk to my mom about every ten days
and depending on your outlook that's a good or bad things
starting a business is utterly exhausting
when i plan to work out and i go work out are different
my makeup routine is the definition of bare minimum
i absolutely love tee shirts and jeans
with my hair in a pony tail
and comfy flip flops

thankfully, my hubby's ok, even happy, with it like that


  1. This is so me...thanks for this!!

  2. This post was totally refreshing to read. Love your honesty, you're adorable!