06 July 2012


dear matt,

honestly, i don't know how to write this post. no matter how i try, i can't figure out how to say what i want to say. i don't know how to accurately describe how much i love you, how blessed i feel because of you, how much i adore and respect you. i know you like lists, so babe here is a list, just for you. i'm sorry they aren't in a particular order, i'm just not that organzied yet :)

01. your smile(s). you give me a cheesy one when i am starting to get annoyed with you, a forced one (that eventually turns into a real one) when you are frustrated with me and i'm trying to make you unfrustrated and then finally my favorite; the one that is introduced by a laugh.

02. your sense of humor. granted, sometimes it drives me nuts because of similar it is to my dad. but mostly, you keep me laughing.

03. your hugs. when your arms engulf me, tension escapes me.

04. your sense of adventure.

05. the way i can dream with you.

06. that maybe some day, i'll get to be your children's mama.

07. your practical outlook on life.

08. your masculinity. it challenges and frees me to be feminine all at the same time.

90. how hard you work. not many guys stay after the boss has left.

10. that when we are driving somewhere, you hold my hand. i love holding hands.

11. that you asked for my number straight up.

12. you have fabulous taste in jewelry. i've been wearing my engagement ring for over a year and i still stare at it - daily.

13. you don't settle. you know what you want, and you work for it.

14. the way you love people. people and relationships are what matter in life, and you invest in them.

15. you keep you're cool, even when i blow a fuse, or try to pick a fight with you.

16.  that you take up two thirds of the bed. it was such an adjustment sleeping in a bed with someone. now, i don't really sleep without you.

17. my morning text messages from you. i look for it every morning, ever since that first text.

18. that your organized and i'm chaos. as annoying as it is for you at times i so appreciate your patience with me. and, i'm working on it. i promise.

19. you pray for me and over me. i'll never forget the night i completely lost it, totally overwhelmed by stress and exhaustion. while i cried you held me hard and prayed for me.

20. you let me turn the kitchen table into an art table.

21. you watch reruns with me, even though you don't really like too.

22. even when it takes me a while to get ready for a date, you always say the results are worth the wait.

23. you play the guitar.

24. you designed you own hat.

25. you're lamb like and lionhearted.

these are just some of the reasons. i could pretty easily list another two hundred and fifty. i love you, babe.
happy birthday.

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