30 July 2012

if i was perfectly put together....

this is what i would look like.
you see, i am a fan of the idea of fashion; especially the fashion that looks effortlessly thrown together. however, when you look at my daily attire, i think "my look" is qualified as laziness/boring....jeans and t-shirt or nike shorts and a t-shirt....my reasoning is that between the heat, running errands, working out, spilling things (there are days i swear i need a sippy cup and bib) and really not caring that much (or at least not enough to change!) it's just not worth the time, effort, and money to look perfectly put together. it's weird though, both of my sisters seem so well put together all the time; jewerly, make-up, hair, shoes, the whole shebang.... how did i miss out on the gene? 
p.s. polyvore is a pretty fun website. it's basically online shopping at it's finest....yeah, it's dangerous.  
p.p.s. matt, thanks for loving me anyway. you're the best :) 

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