20 June 2012

himym + energy levels + dessert

for the past few days, my energy level has been slightly better than that of a dead sloth. i mean yesterday after an intense six hours of reading my book at work, i went home, talked to a friend, and then sllllllllowly cooked dinner and folded some of the mountain of laundry, while watching reruns of How I Met Your Mother. now, there really is nothing wrong with having a day (or two in my case) like that but i'm pretty convinced that laziness breeds laziness and energy breeds energy. so, in hopes to break the laziness cycle, here are my goals in writing.

today i will:
2. finish sanding the desk (i've been putting it off like a champ)
3. by the primer AND the paint for the desk

tomorrow i will:
1. get up at 7am - not 7:10
2. work out
3. prime the desk 

and this, this right here is the reason i am working out this week.

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