25 June 2012

19 reasons

so this weekend was marvelous and it pretty much insured that this week is gonna be a great one. here are 19 reason why i think so. oh and fyi, the photo has nothing to do with anything. its just summery :)

01. yesterday started and ended with a cinnamon roll
02. my hubby placed 4th in a shooting competition (his first) this weekend
03. my kelly moore bag came in.
04. its amazing.
05. i'm gonna finish the desk this week.
06. seriously
07. i like my hair cut now
08. i didn't right afterwards
09. my basil is still holding on
10. pretty miraculous since i've almost killed it. twice.
11. i'm attempting to cook steak tonight.
12. i've never done that before.
13. i went shopping this weekend
14. and i love what i got.
15. i woke up to being cuddled by my hubby
16. after seeing Brave this weekend, it kinda makes me what to give out future kids scottish names
17. however, that could change in the next five to ten years
18. matt's birthday is coming up
19. we're going to the beach in 51 days.

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