17 January 2012

subject and subjectivity

Why anyone would choose to be an artist is beyond me. Your work is constantly under attach, not because the work you did was wrong, but because it wasn't right to the critic. I am an art major, I am preparing for review, and I can't help but wonder why. Why am I am doing this? What on earth is possibly motivating me to become an artist?

I need 10 photos. Black and white. Photos that show potential, photos that show an understanding of light, composition, intriguing subject matter, space, depth, focused. Beauty. All of a sudden, any photo I sort of liked becomes totally inadequate. Inadequate in to a critical viewer at least. But, to me, the photo is beautiful, full of character and honesty. It brings about a smile, a fond memory. And then I remember why: because I love the memories captured on a print.

Australia, June 2006

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