24 January 2012

Happy Birthday, Mum!

My Mum. She met my dad, got married and flew half way around the world (literally) in 8 months.  25 years later, she's even more amazing. She practically did all the work for my wedding, and is more than willing to do whatever she can to help others. She also needs to be busy and have people around. Perhaps that's why she had four kids.

And, while she has many ideas, she also is a creature of habit somewhat. By this I mean that for as many birthdays as I can remember, the menu has consisted of Chinese food with carrot cake for dessert.
She loves tulips :) 
Her date of birth is January 22 but we celebrated it on Saturday evening while Matt and I were in Jackson. And, this post is a few days late I guess but birthday celebrations should be spread out for at least a week, if not the entire month.

Happy Birthday, Mum!! Love you!

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