10 October 2012

on the bridge

it was clear that he was tired, despite his purpose filled strides. he paused only for a moment, like so many other to gaze at the scenery around him. his dog, grateful for the break, waited, willing to follow his master to wherever he may lead.  

farther down, a couple sat tenderly next to each other. peaceful, still, and looking out over the water and watching the queen sparkle with in all her glory. 

close by sat a young man, so lost in his reading that he didn't seem to the environment; his faithful companion guarding their belongings.

and along, there was the man by my side. patiently waiting.

i must thank my hubby again for his patience with me as. i was telling a friend of mine about our walk and she said you're kinda the dog out of up. you'll be talking, walking along and then photo! picture! quick! 

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