11 September 2011

Last Friday Night

Friday has been my favorite day of the week, since forever. But, now it's my really favorite day of the week because its the day I get to see Matt :)  We'd both had a long week, the was preceded by a long weekend and the deal was that Friday night was date night, our night. I exactly what I wanted to do, go to Stromboli's, then head out to the refugee. The weather had been glorious all week and Matt was the person I really wanted to enjoy it with. So that's exactly what we did. And it was awesome.

this is the look Matt gives me when he's wanting to say: "Nikki, put the camera away. I'm smiling because I have too. What are you doing?"
The last two pieces of my 10" veggie pizza....and yes, I ate the whole thing.
Stromboli's patio decor.
The breathtaking sunset out at the refugee.

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  1. The breathtaking view at the refuge wasn't the sunset ;)