08 September 2011


Of all the photos I've taken, these seem to me to be some of the more successful ones. For the first time, I really worked at being deliberate with the lighting, as well as the composition. I didn't want this shoot to look like a posed, perfectly put together setting; I wanted it to be what it was: a beautiful teenage girl in front of the camera, sporting an everyday outfit, next to no make up, in her backyard. I wanted to present her as herself, not someone who trying to mimic the models of today. Emily Grace: you are so beautiful, you are gracefully getting through one of the most challenging stages in life. I promise you, these years will be over before you know. Keep focusing on the eternal, you're doing great. Love you.

Even though this shot was way over exposed I'm kinda likin' the way it turned out.

I absolutely LOVE this photo. The drama in it is Ah-MAZ-Ing!!

shooting into the sun = new favorite thing

Well Hello there, Miss Thing

Who has flawless skin as a teenager? I'm 20 and mine still doesn't look that good!

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