14 September 2011

Emotion: Strength or Weakness

I was sitting on my parents living room couch, texting a dear friend about the frustrations of emotions, and the ability they have to zap energy.  I've come to realize that I'm aware of my emotions in two situations: when I'm feeling worn out in every single aspect: physically, emotionally, and spiritually or, when I'm feeling really happy and someone I'm close to can't/won't share take part in the joy I'm experiencing.

For those that know me, they are fully aware that I'm a highly emotional person. I'm a "feeler" by nature. I connect with others when I can openly and honestly share what I'm feeling. I know that's a woman thing, but I also know that woman are often seen as the weaker party because of that. That makes me livid. It makes it seem like women were designed with a defect. I've heard christian and non christian men say that "its because women are so emotional and unable to make tough decisions that men are called to be the head of the family." Maybe there is an element of truth to that, but our emotions aren't defects, they're our strength. Behind every successful man is a strong woman, whether that woman be his wife, mother, sister.... it doesn't matter. I don't know of a man who doesn't want a woman by his side, cheering him on to the best of her ability, be overjoyed with him for his victories, aches for his loses, and believing in him regardless. If she said it mundanely I doubt he'd believe she believed in him. Emotions, for me at least, influence just about everything, especially my actions. Now, I'll be the first to admit that acting in emotion can be a bad thing, a very bad thing. However, it can also be a great thing. When a child shows his mother an excellent report card and is rewarded with a genuine hug and honest congratulations, "I'm so proud of you!" there is more satisfaction there, than seeing his name on the honor roll. When a friend is devastated by some tragedy in her life, the comfort of being able to sit and weep a supportive a friend, a friend who you know is hurting with you, is more comfort than all the money in the world.

Please know that I am not hating on people who aren't emotional. God knows we need people like that -- that's why He created them!! In fact, in 66 days I'm marrying a man who isn't emotional, not like me at least. And, it's one of the things I adore most about him. If I'm the waves of the ocean, he's the light house I crash into, steady and dependable. I need his dependability, and he needs my wild emotions, even though at times they can get on his nerves (and mine :)).

Emotions: life would be so bland without them. Despite the weakness that I feel because of them at times, they keep me going, they keep me growing.

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