13 April 2011

The Stupidity of Universities

In high school you perfect your resumes, takes tests, fill out applications and request recommendations so that you can get into a "good school."  At the grand old age of 18, you go to graduate from high school, pack your bags and head off to college to get a degree that will lead you to your dream jobs. 18. Who in the world knows what they want to do with their life at the age of 18? Who has any experience in any sort of field? Who knows what they're good at and knows what they hate? How are you supposed to know?

Granted, there are some people who know and always have known what they want to do and how they are going to do it. Then, they are people like me who had everything planned out to a T, including a plan B, only to realized that neither plan A,B,C,D,E or F are gonna work out. And then there are still others, like my brother, who's plans are to be a rock star and to marry some hot lawyer. 

If I remember correctly, from high school till now (then end of my sophomore year of college), I was going to be a fashion designer, a nurse, then an architect, a graphic designer, a photographer and now I'm finally at crossing over into special needs education. (Fun fact: I swore up and down I'd never do anything teacher related.)  

My solution to this problem: rather than making high school graduates go straight into a university, make them get some short term internships. Have them work with people in the fields that they are interested in. Get them experience because the reality is nothing teaches as well as that. Anyways... To the people who get to college, choose a major and stick with it, that's awesome, my hat's off to you. To the people like me, well, I'm sure in time there will be an official career of going to college. And finally, to the rock star wannabes, dream on.

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  1. In Australia its called "gap year" yea, good idea and can save money too for the education that you don't know if you really want anyway! (I know that you will be glad you got it in the end)