26 April 2012

19 things

1. some people don't qualify photography as art.
2. most people believe all you need is "a nice camera"
3. i beg to differ.
4. my semester is completely over with, exams and all, in one week.
5. my school career should be completed within the next three semesters.
6. Lord willing, that is.
7. my favorite painting is Open Window by Henri Matisse.
8. it was painted in 1907.
9. my favorite sculpture is Nike.
10. it's pronounced Nee-Kay
11. it means winged victory.
12. at one point i knew the date is was created.
13. but, i forgot it.
14. i'm on my second cup of coffee today.
16. and i'm very much looking forward to 6:30 tomorrow night.
17. on Saturday I'm headed to T-Town to do a photo shoot
18. an all girls photo shoot.
19. i think it'll be a blast :)
ps. this photo has absolutely nothing to do with this post other than the fact that it is totally random.

1 comment:

  1. i love this and would love to get a copy for brian since he does so many meetings in the bakery! would you feel me a digital file? or a print?