19 October 2011

Lady Bella Buttercup

The mistake I made was holding her....that was my downfall. We were sitting on the patio at Stromboli's and a friend of Matt's said they were looking for a home for her. That's when I held her.  I'm not above blaming Matt -- he didn't say, "No Nikki. Absolutely not. We DON'T need a dog, let along a puppy right now. We don't have time for it." So, we took it home, but not before we went to Walmart and got her a hot pink collar and something for her to sleep in - they guys had already gotten her food. In all honesty, I knew I was making a mistake when I took her home, but she is simply irresistible. Her disposition is so gentle, her skin so soft, her face so cute.... We tried out some different names; I liked Lady but Matt said that was too common. He didn't go for Buttercup, as in he rolled his eyes at me. Actually, he said we shouldn't name it -- we'd get too attached. But, when I came downstairs Sunday morning, Matt was sitting outside, eating cereal, and telling Bella she couldn't go inside.

 After some discussion, that included trying to get my parents to take her (my dad was the one who said absolutely not -- go figure) we both took her to the animal shelter. That was less than fun. For a while, I resented having taken her at all, but now I'm glad we did. We took her to a place she'll get the proper care she needs and a place that will lead her to her future home. 

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  1. This was one of those moments that is not fun in life...I hope that the little puppy finds an awesome home!