26 October 2011

The Climb

We slipped through the gate. "What happens if we get caught?" "We run." That was Matt's response to my question. Gulp. The unlocked door led us closer to the most intimidating part of the journey: the climb - five stories of ladders stairs. I quit looking down on the second flight of stairs. On the third flight of stairs my arms started to ache form gripping the ladder so tightly. I kept imagining that someone would walk in the open door, flip the light switch on, see us, and we'd get in trouble. The depth of trouble we'd be in was unknown so I imagined the worst. On the fourth story. I said "Matt, my legs aren't working anymore." "Come on,  you'll make it. We're almost there." Deep breath. We finally were at the last story. Matt unlatched the final door and pulled me onto the roof. Breathless, I stared at the view. I could see down the highway, the fields, and the beautiful old building. My gym shorts were wet, my hair was wild, my heart was racing and my mind was spinning. Matt seemed calm though. He kissed my cheek, smiled and said "so....I wanted to bring you up here for a reason.... Will you be my girlfriend?" I said yes, smiled and I'm pretty sure I let out a little giggle. We sat up there a little long, just enjoying the view and the moment together. I have no recollection of the climb down. I do remember the walk back to his truck, holding his hand and dancing in the rain.

That was a year ago today. Crazy. The climb to the actual wedding now seems a lot like the climb to the top. There are times wonder if this whole ordeal is going to be worth the stress. Why didn't Matt and I just have a week long engagement? It'd make everything so much simpler. It'll be worth it though. Even though the climb seems forever long, (at times seems to be getting longer) the days are flying by.  We've got less than a month which I suppose would be equivalent to one more flight of stairs. One last push, then we're there. And yes, the view will be so worth it.

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