08 August 2011

Cars and Cornbread

 There is no telling how many miles we've driven together; to and from Starkville and Jackson, over and over again, the awesome spring break trip to Destin, the drives to Birmingham, the trips to the coast. We've driven different vehicles too: my car, your truck, your mom's van as well as my mom's. The time we've spent traveling together is awesome. There are times when we talk about what's gonna on with life and other times we jam to the music so loudly you're afraid we're gonna blow the speakers out, and I end up sounding hoarse. Sometimes we sit there quietly, you'll have your arm around me, or be holding my hand, and we're both completely content with silence. And sometimes, we even have arguments "discussions." I'll never forget the first drive, all the way to Branson, MO. You drove and I was the DJ. I think you liked the music I played....or else you lied :) You played "Cornbread" for me by Dave Matthews and I found you so enticing with your favorite hat on backwards and the meaningful conversations that occurred. I remember thinking that it didn't feel. Sometimes it still doesn't. But I do know that I will never forget that very first drive.

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