14 August 2012

personalized peach pie

i think i was cursed given sweet teeth rather than a sweet tooth. seriously. i would eat dessert after every meal if i could. when matt asked where i wanted to go for my birthday dinner, i knew where i wanted to go to for dessert before i knew where i wanted to go to dinner. so, when i found this dessert online somewhere, i knew i needed to try it. it's pretty much the perfect summer dessert: easy, fruity, and light, meaning you can eat this five nights in a row and not feel bad about it! :)

you need:
1 ripe nectarine {you could use a peach, plum, apricot.....}
1 crescent roll
about 1 tsp of honey
brown sugar {optional}

simply cut the pit out of the nectarine and replace with honey. 
next, wrap the nectarine in the crescent roll. if you like, 
put a little brown sugar at the top of the roll to make it just a tiny bit sweeter. 
then bake at 350F for 12-15 minutes until the crescent is golden. serve hot. 
for maximum deliciousness serve with vanilla ice cream :)

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