01 February 2012

19 things

1. I really can't believe it's February.
2. This is the second week I've worked out.
3. The working out is going well.
4. What is not going good is my Poptart craving. Specifically blueberry Poptarts.
5. My husband has started eating salads for breakfast.
6. I think that is weird.

7. My "new" favorite preacher to listen to is Mark Driscoll.
8. He deals with real life issues in real life ways. He's awesome.

 9. I met with a bride a few weeks ago about photographing her wedding.
10. I'm REALLY excited.
11.If you know anyone who wants to be photographed, please let me know!
12. I love photographing people.
13. And I'm sure Matt would greatly appreciate me not using him. Constantly.

14. I'm pretty addicted to Pinterest.
15. I'm also addicted to The Big Bang Theory.
16. The fifth season needs to hurry up and come out.
17. I don't really care about the Super Bowl.
18. It's been a while since I have.
19. The beach is calling name.

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